Cannabidiol life CBD review

Cannabidiol Life is an outstanding brand based on how they present their information. The company’s website contains relevant information, making it easy for first-time customers to understand its efforts for quality control. The company offers directives on using the products and their effectiveness which is important to new users. Also, they have proved to be good ambassadors of CBD products since they have partnered with other non-CBD brands to sensitive people on hemp-based products. The company manufactures quality products and tests them for purity and potency to ensure they are safe for consumption. Also, despite offering quality products, their prices are relatively lower compared to its potential competitors. Cannabidiol Life CBD stresses on quality from the seed level until the goods are delivered to customers. However, they have not been clear on where they source their hemp, causing a lot of uncertainties since quality hemp is considered to come from Colorado and Oregon.

About the company

Even before the company was established, it had already begun championing hemp-based products since it found them effective in improving people’s health and wellness. Eleven months later, they established their brand to offer quality CBD products. Before founding the company, they researched the effectiveness of hemp on human health. Their research helped people understand the health benefits of hemp-based products and why they are better than other products. The research has been availed on their website, among other educational tutorials, and can be downloaded. They officially launched their brand in 2017 and have sold over 50,000 products within USA borders, CBD Gummy Bear being their best-selling product with over 10,000 positive reviews.

Their products are manufactured using a vertically integrated system to ensure quality. The quality check begins from the seed level until the hemp is harvested. After harvesting, the hemp is tested for purity levels by their in-house lab to ensure its 100% organic. Also, they have manufacturing and marketing experts who ensure their products are delivered quickly and that customers’ concerns are addressed promptly. Buying products from Cannabidiol Life CBD is straightforward since their product catalog is divided according to the line of products, that is, ingest, inhales, topicals, pet products, and samples. Depending on the concerns to be addressed, you can choose the products you find easy to use.

The company offers product descriptions to enhance customers’ buying experience. Although the product description is not offered on the product catalog, you can access it by clicking on various products. The company has included the formulation (full spectrum), ingredients, lab results, how to administer it, and its purpose. If you are satisfied with the description and find the product relevant, you can add it to your shopping cart. After adding all the required products, check your cart to ensure you don’t have excess or unwanted products. If you find surplus or undesired products, click on “remove to cart,” and it will be off your shopping list in one go. After approving payments, you will receive an email confirming your order and a tracking number to help you locate your products until they are delivered.

Our products were delivered discreetly packed on the third day of approving the order. Although the products were safe, we had to return to their refund and return policies to address customers whose products had been damaged. According to the website, the company accepts the exchange of damaged goods within 48 hours. On the other hand, since they believe in the quality of their products, they offer 60 days full refund to customers who find their products ineffective.

Since reputation and customer satisfaction are among their top priorities, they allow their customers to give feedback about the effectiveness of their products, their customer support team, and the buying experience. Also, the company has an Instagram and Facebook page to allow active interaction of its customers. Customers can reach the support team through the social media platforms or the contact details provided on the “Contact Us” page. On their contact page, they have provided their physical address, phone number (1-833-YAY-HEMP), email address ([email protected]), live chat, and message box. We reached out to its support team via email, asking for more information regarding their farming practices and where they got their hemp from. One of their support staff responded within two hours. The response was precise and satisfactory.

Manufacturing Process

The company has acquired FDA certification as an organic hemp-based manufacturer. To attain quality products, they have employed a professional team to help them manufacture and oversee all operations from the seed level. Also, they have marketers who oversee the performance of their products in the market and guide the company where adjustments are necessary. Despite highly relying on organic hemp, they also use other ingredients to maximize effectiveness. Before any ingredient is used, a team of researchers identifies the effective organic elements.

Since the company is determined to offer quality products, they use the CO2 extraction method to extract useful cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. After extraction, the extracts undergo filtration to remove any harmful particles such as heavy metals before and after processing. Before any products are sold, they are tested for purity and potency. According to their website, the company uses an independent third-party lab to obtain accurate lab reports, unlike public labs frequently linked to offering inaccurate results. The lab ensures CBD variance doesn’t exceed 10% and the THC levels are below the 0.3% standard limit. Lastly, they have to ensure all the products occur organically. The lab conducts contaminant tests and ensures no harmful substance or chemical exists in the products.

Range of products

According to their website, all products are formulated in full-spectrum using organic CO2 hemp plant extracts alongside other natural elements to enhance effectiveness. The company’s products include tinctures, capsules, topicals, gummies and inhales, and pet products. They are also manufactured in a wide range of potency to meet the needs of veterans and beginners.

Cannabidiol Life CBD Ingest

Their ingest products include capsules, CBD oils, isolates, CBG, and CBN. The company focuses on the ingest since they are directly consumed and can instantly affect consumers if manufactured using poisonous chemicals. Out of all their products, customers find their gummies more preferable. The company has among the best gummies in the market, manufactured in full-spectrum and in various flavors to make them irresistible and enhance the chewing experience. In addition, CBD gummies are preferred because they are discreet and easy to move around with. The company manufactures its gummies in a potency range of 300 mg to 1500 mg and recommends them for oral use only.

Cannabidiol Life CBD Inhales

Inhales are produced by very few CBD companies. Cannabidiol Life CBD manufactures vapes, wax, dabbing, among others. Theirs inhales are manufactured using organic CO2 hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil to maximize effectiveness and quality. After manufacturing, they are tested for potency and purity to ensure they contain THC levels below 0.3%. According to the positive customer reviews, they are the second-best products.

Cannabidiol Life apply products

If you do not like the natural taste of the hemp plant, Cannabidiol Life CBD offers topical products with a similar function as the inhales or ingests. The company also offers beauty creams to keep skin glowing and prevent early aging. Their skin products are plant-based and lack any trace of chemicals that might be harmful. Besides hemp plant and MCT oil, various oil-rich herbs have been considered for smooth application and rapid effectiveness. The company’s products include roll-ons, bath bombs, and body creams, all recommended for topical use only.

Cannabidiol Life CBD pet products

The company has a team of veterinary doctors controlling the manufacturing of its pet products to ensure quality is attained. They are given similar attention to human products and are accurately assessed by their lab for safety and quality. These pet products are crafted using organic hemp extracts with MCT oil to help pets adapt to new environments, reduce stress, and improve their general health. Notably, the company offers a prescription to avoid overdosing.

What we like about the company

The company has proved to be outstanding even in its priorities. According to their website, consumers come first. They provide adequate information and offer various contact teams to clarify any concerns from its customers. Cannabidiol Life has set the pace for upcoming and existing companies in the way they handle their priorities and by being good ambassadors of CBD. They go around the 50 states educating people on the importance of using CBD products. The company is committed to enlightening people on the significance of using hemp-based products and helping them understand more about CBD.

What we don’t like about the company

Although Cannabidiol Life CBD has successfully handled key areas, few need adjustments. The company has not stated where they obtain their hemp, leaving many questions about its quality even though they insist on using organic farming methods. Most companies prefer hemp from Colorado or Oregon since they are the best hemp producers. Also, they need to consider offering free shipping on all purchases to cope with market trends.

Overall Verdict

In our review, we considered every significant factor about the company and its products. We highly recommend its products since they are of high quality, their potency variance is below 10%, have no traceable levels of THC, and are void of contaminants. Also, if you wish to get a wide line of products within one company for safety measures, Cannabidiol Life is the place to buy your products. They have various products with different potency levels. However, although their performance in the market is excellent, the company needs to address its weaknesses.

Anastasia Filipenko