Welcome to the Media Pack of Shop CBD Kansas, the premier online magazine dedicated to CBD products and the thriving CBD industry in Kansas. This pack provides comprehensive information about our online magazine, our audience demographics, advertising options, and rates. We invite you to explore the exciting advertising opportunities available with Shop CBD Kansas.

About Shop CBD Kansas:

Shop CBD Kansas is a trusted online resource that aims to educate, inform, and inspire individuals interested in CBD products and their potential benefits. Our magazine covers a wide range of topics related to CBD, including health and wellness, product reviews, industry news, and the latest trends. With our team of experts and thorough research, we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information to our readers.

Audience Demographics:

Our audience comprises a diverse range of individuals who are actively seeking information and resources related to CBD. Here are some key demographic insights:

  1. Geographic Location:
    • Majority of our readers are based in Kansas, with a significant readership from surrounding regions and beyond.
  2. Age Range:
    • 25-44: 45%
    • 45-64: 35%
    • 18-24: 15%
    • 65+: 5%
  3. Gender:
    • Female: 55%
    • Male: 45%
  4. Interests and Affinities:
    • Health and wellness
    • Natural remedies and alternative therapies
    • Fitness and exercise
    • Lifestyle and self-improvement
    • Sustainable and eco-friendly living

Advertising Options:

  1. Display Ads:
    • Various ad sizes and formats available for optimal visibility.
    • Positioned strategically within our online magazine to capture attention.
  2. Sponsored Content:
    • Engage our readers through informative and engaging articles that align with our editorial style.
    • Highlight your brand, products, or services while providing valuable information to our audience.
  3. Product Reviews:
    • Gain visibility and build trust through unbiased reviews of your CBD products by our team of experts.
    • Detailed insights and recommendations to drive interest and sales.
  4. Brand Features:
    • Showcase your brand’s story, values, and unique selling propositions.
    • Establish a strong brand identity through dedicated features that resonate with our audience.
  5. Social Media Promotion:
    • Leverage our active social media presence to extend your reach and engage with our dedicated followers.
    • Tailored promotion packages targeting specific demographics.

Advertising Rates:

For detailed information about our advertising rates and packages, please refer to the separate Advertising Rate Card document attached to this Media Pack. We offer competitive pricing options designed to suit different budgets and campaign objectives. Customized packages can be created to accommodate specific needs.

Contact Us:

To discuss advertising opportunities, request a customized proposal, or inquire further, please contact our advertising team:

We are excited to collaborate with you and help your brand reach a highly engaged audience through Shop CBD Kansas. Let’s explore the endless possibilities together!